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Silver Lining

May 6, 2010

“An element of hope or a redeeming quality in an otherwise bad situation… Derived from John Milton’s Comus (1634): ‘A sable cloud turns forth its silver lining on the night.'” Sable means dark, by the way; thank you for both entries. The point of all this is the shortened phrase silver lining. I think some people may not realize this is originally in reference to dark clouds. Once we’ve established that fact, what does that mean? That it’s beautiful regardless? No. There is sun behind it (or the moon, rather, as the light is silver instead of gold). The silver lining is because the moon is making a silhouette of the cloud from behind, just as someone walking toward you is seen as a dark figure and outlined in light.

It doesn’t just mean there is good coming, but that good is present. Likely we can’t see it, limited view as we possess from down here on the ground. Imagine though you’re in an airplane on a cloudy day, only to slip through the cloud fluff and blink against the bright sky above. The cloud will pass, and the moon will be clear again. Good is always coming, always present, though few have at all times the courage and the simplicity to believe it.